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Muzzie – Music, Podcast & Live Streaming Platform


  • Updated on: March 24, 2022
  • Version v3.5

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    • Bulk upload: you will be able to upload mutitple songs at ones. Songs will be saved with their metadata.
    • FFMPEG & HLS streaming: you will be able to stream track using the HLS technology with the help of FFMPEG library.
    • Youtube dl: you will be able to convert youtube videos to audio files.
    • Campaigns: You will be able to play audio ads between a certain number of tracks. Additionally, you can show a banner during the campaign play.
    • Radio stations: radio stations now have their separate pages. This is very usefull since you can also share the radio stations and they can be indexed by the search engine.
    • Podcast episodes: podcast episodes also have have their separate pages.
    • Play/Pause buttons on all media content overall the application.
    • FTP connection.
    • Image optimization for covers & artworks..
    • Roles: now you can create custom roles and sync the changes with all the existing accounts.
    • Premium audio sample: now premium songs can be optionally stoped after few seconds and the purchase dialog will be shown.