Nulled FullPage WordPress plugin for Gutenberg

FullPage WordPress plugin for Gutenberg


  • Updated on: June 15, 2023
  • Version v3.0.5

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Create a full-screen page by using the official plugin for WordPress.

The official WordPress component to create a full-screen page

  • ResponsiveFullPage is fully responsive. You can turn it off under certain widh or height and even allow sections to be bigger than the viewport so content can fit.
  • Touch supportWorking perfectly in mobile phones and tablets. Designed for all, not just a few! Scroll, use the mousewheel or drag and move! You choose your experience!
  • Smaller sectionsSections and slides can be smaller than the viewport height if required. Because we don’t always need everything in full-screen! Ideal for footers!
  • CompatibleFullpage.js is compatible with all modern browsers and even some old ones like Internet Explorer 9! Get a smooth slidehow for your WordPress Gutenberg builder!